Brownfield Opportunity Area

Brownfield Opportunity Area

Greater Jamaica Development Corporation (GJDC), a non-profit organization, has been awarded a $1.3MM New York State Brownfield Opportunity Areas Grant. The BOA grant is for the last phase of a three-part program and will culminate in the preparation of an Implementation Strategy that designates priority brownfield sites within the BOA that are ripe for redevelopment and suggests development projects for each identified priority site, and launches an aggressive marketing strategy to attract private investment.

To accomplish this task, GJDC solicited, screened, selected, subcontracted with and coordinated the work of a number of consulting firms with a range of consulting expertise. The second phase of the BOA program, the Nomination Study, was completed in 2010 and covered aspects of pre-planning for brownfield development including, but not limited to, an inventory of current conditions, a market/demand study, infrastructure analysis, and feasibility studies. The current  Implementation Strategy phase of GJDC’s BOA program includes design and execution of detailed marketing plans for development of specific strategic sites in the BOA and preliminary design plans for infrastructure improvements to support both area wide and strategic site development. Overall project management, coordination and contract administration are the responsibility of GJDC executives, managers and professionals in the areas of economic and community development, project planning, contract administration and accounting.

There is a formal process in place to inform community representatives of the project’s tasks, goals and recommendations. Their opinions and suggestions will be sought throughout the life of the program.

Greater Jamaica Development Corporation (GJDC) submitted an Application for Designation of the Jamaica BOA, including all sub-zones per GJDC’s Nomination Study, to the Commissioner of the Department of State on February 6, 2015. On April 9, 2015, Governor Cuomo announced that the New York State Department of State had completed its review of the GJDC’s Nomination Study and the Jamaica BOA was made a Designated Brownfield Opportunity Area.

Designation will open the door to bonuses on incentives under the State’s Brownfield Cleanup Program for remediation when development is consistent with the BOA plan. It will also raise the profile of the area for attention by government agencies and help support requests made to the New York City Regional Council for additional incentives to further encourage public and private investment in downtown Jamaica.